Press Release

For Immediate Release: August 4, 2015

If you live on the Space Coast and haven’t yet heard of David Cruey, local Indialantic artist of “Journeys,” you will soon! To say he’s an up-and-coming artist in the local art scene is an understatement.


While David works as Art Director for Tropical Design, a local screen printing company, his new love is acrylic on canvas. He describes his style as “surreal abstract.” He feels his “vibe is pulled from the energy living beachside and the beauty that surrounds.” Also, he says his “ambiguous approach incorporates the exuberance of emotions with poetry or philosophical pondering.” In other words, he combines his love of prose and poetry with his paintings, or what he calls spattered pigment. David’s interest in acrylics sprung a couple years ago during a playful, paint party. He explains, “My girlfriend and I wanted to celebrate the birthday of our good friend, Kat. We all decided to use up some paints that my brother had left behind when he moved out to California. With some loud, randomized music and a few adult beverages, my fever began!” When asked what he’d like people to come away with after seeing his work, he said, “I have my own personal journey on my creative path; either you will understand it completely or write it off as eccentric. Art is not what I am trying to convey. If you have an emotional reaction to a piece of my art, I’m honored to provoke and take joy in the fact that a painting or two of mine is on someone’s walls.”


Past Shows


One of David’s most recent art shows, Journeys, was held on May 16, 2015 at a private residence in Indialantic. Along with his team, Kat Clary and Sondée Lima, David presented 28 inspiring and thought-provoking pieces at this exposé. Many of the pieces that sold are featured on his website. The show was energy-filled and intriguing. The pieces were arranged by color, space and emotion. Homenaje al Monstruo was absolutely stunning and took over the room. It was no surprise that it was the first to sell! This exhibit was different from others because of David’s style. One could get lost in his pieces because of their vibrant colors, energy and movement. You could actually feel the paintings, and the poetry that juxtaposed each one pulled you even deeper.


Over the past two years, David has participated in many other shows including Old & Improved Art Show at Derek Gores Gallery, Jerry Hanzl and Friends at the King Center, Day of the Dead at Off Center Art Center, Robot Love at the Foosner Art Museum and several other shows at the Art Gallery of Viera. He has also done some charity painting for the National Kidney Foundation Rich Salick Pro Am Surf Festival, the Surfriders Ocean Reef Beach Festival, and the Quad Club of Indialantic.


Current and Future Shows


David will be participating in at least three more events in 2015. Space Coast Office of Tourism, through the Brevard Cultural Alliance, is currently featuring two of David’s pieces, “Industrial Surge” and “Tempestuous Refuge.” For the third year in a row, David is donating a painted surfboard to the NKF Surf Festival on Labor Day weekend. And finally on October 17th, his “public” debut of Journeys will be held at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic. At the show, guests will not only enjoy losing themselves in David’s paintings, but they will also be intrigued by his poetry. This show will feature 30 pieces. They will include acrylics on canvas, recycled mediums, instruments and surf boards.



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