Artist Statement

My journey of spattered pigment began at a pivotal point in life. Having reinvented myself artistically through poetry, philosophy and paint, I theorize life through rhythmic banter and high energy abstract images. Painting for me is an exploratory journey inspired by randomized music of all genres and the evolution of the canvas. Although art is mostly a solo sport, some willing participants often share the journey…and the party begins.

David Cruey has lived on the Space Coast for over a decade now.  As a local artist, he has been involved in the screen-printing industry for the past 12 years while employed at Tropical Design.  From the time he was old enough to hold a pencil, he’s been drawing. This was expected since his mother, grandfather and older brother were all artists. Mix in a line of musicians as his grandfather, aunts and cousins and you have a very creative family! His main focus was realistic graphite renderings. However in 2013, he changed things up a bit and started painting abstract acrylics mixing nature with energy.  He normally has no idea what he’s going to create until he’s halfway done with a painting. He allows the energy to flow and the end result to evolve.

Artist Biography

Community Contributions

Space Coast Derby Day Charity Fundraiser


Melbourne High surf team







CrueyCreations 2016