Addictions to chocolate

Trying to calm the nerves

The emptying of pockets

This little pleasure serves


A bag of chips with salt

And the zestiness of vinegar

My composure it exalts

The thoughts of insecure


A connoisseur of IPA

Diluting any tension

Euphorically you sway

Away from dissension


The journey of my quill

My playground expressed through verse

Thoughts I have are surreal

The triggers I try to reverse


Defining splattered pigment

An odyssey of the mind

Offers much contentment

As colors are combined


Taste of a gentle kiss

Or your scent in which I breathe

My mind is filled with bliss

As your essence myself I wreathe


Inspired by the moment

Focused or distracted

A therapeutic component

Where answers are extracted


Prescribed reality

A calculated intention

To sooth my mentality

Of the undesired addictions





CrueyCreations 2016