Cartoon Fanatic

Nerds Arise competition



Cartoon fanatic

Yes I was a fiend

How charismatic

The tube cartoons beamed


The morning I snuck

In a show or two

Laughing at the duck

Tom and Jerry too



Huckleberry Hound

The Flintstones era

Where was Scooby found?


George being fired

From Spacely Sprockets

A show inspired

Of space and rockets


That crazy caveman

And the Teen Angels

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

Or Smurfly fables


What of Herculoid

And those spacey pest

H to Murgatryoid

Or exit stage left



Jabberjaw was cool

And Hong Kong Phooey

Rocking after school

And both were screwy


Short Mr.  Magoo

His eyes were so bad

Issues he went through

They thought he was mad


Hey Hey Hey Boo Boo

Pick-a-nick baskets

Think we should look through

For yummy snacklets


Go Speed Racer Go

Mysterious X

Was his older bro

The pole he protects


 Aardvark and the ant

Whimsical banter

The show was revamped

From the Pink Panther


Don’t get me started

I have to be frank

The dearly departed

Voices of Mel Blanc


Yosammite Sam

Varmint, Say yer prayers

Or Captain Caveman

Tasmanian hairs


That debonair skunk

Seeking for l’amour

They feared how he stunk

The girls he adores



Speedy the mouse

He out witted cats

In Tweetys birdhouse

Sylvester combats


Barnie and Dino

The Bunny and Pig

Or Mr. Cosmo

That rooster was Big


Marvin the Martian

Space modulator

Bugs wants to ride in

His flying saucer


After school I watched

Crazy coyote

All his plans were botched

Denying his trophy


Wow!!! I did obsess

There are plenty more

I have to confess

I can’t account for








CrueyCreations 2016