Directions Uncouth




So I'm mister fabulous

A Name of my own

With words I'm ravenous

So poetically shown


With rhythmical banter

My strength I stand tall

A verbal enchanter

My words to enthrall


I flex my muscle

With intellectual vigor

My thoughts I bustle

Through words I snigger


Captivate your mind

Envisage my path

Where Its traveled blind

The passenger hath


What are the questions?

To answers we have

Thoughts are suggestions

This path that I nav


Realities mind

Path is generous

Obstacles I find

Are quite rapacious


Interpreted thought

The journey's found end

Continuance plot

To where we begin



Ignorance divest

Paths rhetorical

Collective addressed


Path is spiritual

Discover the truth

Life is cynical

Directions uncouth










CrueyCreations 2016