Poetic Freaks



Freaks… Freaks for a reason

Spending our days fussing with our demons

Is there not one who’s sane?

Whose heart and mind isn’t filled with disdain


Addictions to the craft

Comprehending our existence we graft

A cathartic process

Our journaled experience of progress


Hidden within thy rhyme

Mathematical equation confines

A mind not that I know

Or comprehend in the ways that I grow


An Inspired conscience

Exploring my interruptive nonsense

These thoughts I fantasize

Of my mental health I romanticize


Tell me for what reasons

I explore through poetic cohesions

What answers do I quest

Conformation of how I’m dispossessed


Through this art form of poem

And the cathartic process I call home

I search to find the core

And all the broken doors that I explore


Thoughts driving me batty

My intellectual mind quite scatty

Bathed in ambivalence

With struggles of cognitive dissonance




CrueyCreations 2016